Disorderly feeding welding system for sheet metal parts

Publisher: Shiyan  Time:11/24/2021 5:37:06 PM

Case background

Small metal parts need to be welded with nuts to the back so that different semi-finished parts can be connected through screws in the next assembly process. The traditional processing method is to manually sort sheet metal parts and nuts for welding. The repetitive action and working hours of sorting are easy to cause defective products and industrial accidents. A set of fully automatic welding equipment is designed for the scene to meet the application.

Technical difficulties

01. The terminal incoming material is 600 * 400 * 300mm full frame incoming material mode, and the workpiece is completely disordered in the frame< br /> 02. The four types need to be flexible. There will be dirt and other interference on the workpiece surface< br /> 03. The beat of the whole workpiece grasping shall be controlled within 7 seconds, the system accuracy shall be ≤ 1mm, and the overall frame clearing rate shall be more than 95%.


  • 01. The visual part adopts 3D structured light camera + depth learning algorithm.
  • 02. Use 3D vision to locate the products in the material frame to avoid collision points and generate grab points.
  • 03. 2D vision is used for accurate positioning twice to ensure feeding accuracy.
  • 04. 10kg manipulator equipped with magnetic suction grab is adopted to meet the grasping of different workpieces.
  • 05. Set multiple grab points for the workpiece to improve the frame clearing rate.

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