• C++Software Development Engineer

    Job Responsibilities:
    1. Complete the design, coding, testing and writing of relevant documents of AI software modules according to the development specifications and processes;
    2. Actively communicate with other project members to complete various requirements development and fault repair feedback from the engineering application department.
    Job requirements:
    1. Bachelor's degree or above (master's degree or above is preferred), any major (computer and software engineering related majors are preferred);
    2. Have more than 2 years working experience in software development;
    3. Proficient in C/C++ for QT client program development based on Linux platform (familiar with qml is better), with good coding habits;
    4. Familiar with commonly used data structures and algorithms, familiar with computer-related knowledge such as computer network and operating system, familiar with multi-process, multi-threading, network programming, shell programming, Linux memory management mechanism, etc., familiar with stl, boost library, master git, The use of docker, cmake and other tools;
    5. Able to read and write English technical documents smoothly;
    6. Passionate about technology, responsible and self-driven. Have good comprehension, communication and expression skills, strong problem-solving skills, learning skills, logical thinking skills and innovation skills, and a good sense of teamwork.
    1. Familiar with python development and relevant programming experience;
    2. Familiar with web front-end development and relevant programming experience;
    3. Experience in 3D vision software development;
    4. Have experience in R&D, engineering deployment and debugging related to robots;
    5. Experience in AI algorithm productization.
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  • Robot Algorithm Engineer

    Job Responsibilities:
    1. Responsible for the development of industrial robot simulation platform;
    2. Responsible for writing development documents;
    3. Develop modules and robot drivers/drivers that meet the simulation needs of common industrial/collaborative robot products in the market, and provide interfaces that can be used by simulation software and actual production scenarios at the same time.
    Job requirements:
    1. Bachelor degree or above, major in robotics or computer related
    2. Familiar with C++ or python, familiar with linux system operation, familiar with git;
    1. Familiar with qt, familiar with ros, webots and other open source robot libraries;
    2. Have experience in robot workstation (whole station) project deployment, and have rich experience in robot practical operation
    3. Those who have experience in game 3D rendering or physics engine development can also be considered as appropriate
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  • WEB front-end architect/development engineer

    Job Responsibilities:
    Responsible for the front-end architecture design and development of 3D vision software using web front-end technology, and cooperate with back-end engineers to transplant the existing vision software (the software is relatively mature, the client is developed with Qt, and the background C++) to the web.
    Job requirements
    1. More than 3 years of front-end development experience;
    2. Familiar with W3C standards and front-end knowledge system, proficient in HTML, CSS, Javascript (H5, CSS3, ES6), familiar with the latest development specifications;
    3. Proficient in mainstream front-end frameworks and their principles, including Vue, React, Angular, etc.;
    4. Have front-end architecture experience and program design capabilities and experience;
    5. Have certain aesthetic and design judgment, and have certain accumulation and insights on user experience, universal design, barrier-free design, human-computer interaction, etc.;
    6. Have the ability to work independently and solve problems, be good at communication, be willing to cooperate, be keen on new technologies, be good at summarizing and sharing, and like hands-on practice;
    7. Experience in 3D vision project development and design is preferred.
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  • Vision Application Engineer

    Job Responsibilities:
    1. Provide relevant technologies and solutions for customers to use the company's visual products.
    2. Responsible for project testing and product installation and deployment at the project site, and independently carry out 3D vision project debugging and cooperate with robot debugging.
    3. Actively follow up the progress and operation of the project, timely feedback and solve problems encountered by customers, and be able to put forward suggestions for equipment quality improvement.
    4. Responsible for technical training for customers, writing operation manuals, and improving customers' equipment operation level and problem-solving ability.
    5. When encountering difficult technical problems that cannot be solved, timely feedback and seek support, and solve problems quickly and effectively.
    6. Collect and organize the data about the problem with the vision system.
    7. Write project test report and project deployment completion report.
    Job requirements:
    1. College degree or above, major in electrical, automation, robotics, mechatronics or vision, etc.; more than 2 years of experience.
    2. Experience in robot debugging or 3D vision debugging is preferred; experience in automation and electrical debugging is preferred.
    3. Strong communication and coordination ability, strong sense of responsibility, strong learning ability, good at solving problems independently.
    4. Proficiency in one of Python/c++/c# programming language is preferred
    5. Can adapt to on-site business trips.
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  • AI trainer

    Job Responsibilities:
    1. Responsible for image data collation and collection;
    2. Complete the data labeling work arranged by the department on time and submit labeling data as required;
    3. Connect with application engineers for data annotation requirements.
    Job requirements:
    1. Be careful, patient and responsible, ensure the accuracy of data, and be good at discovering and thinking about problems;
    2. Have good communication skills, learning ability, logical thinking ability, team spirit;
    3. With graphics, experience in image data annotation is preferred, and those who are willing to develop in the direction of AI trainers are preferred.
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  • Automation Electrical Design Engineer

    Job Responsibilities:
    1. Responsible for the formulation and design of the electrical scheme of the automation project, the confirmation of the electrical control, and the completion of the PLC programming and debugging of the project, including the selection of the main electrical components, and the preparation of the procurement specifications for the selection of components;
    2. According to the technical agreement and system principle, complete the control program compilation and debugging;
    3. Responsible for writing PLC programs, touch screen programs, electrical control design and production according to the program requirements;
    4. Responsible for the preparation of technical agreements;
    5. Assist on-site installation and debugging;
    6. Discuss with the mechanical design department to formulate the overall plan;
    7. Complete other tasks assigned by superiors.
    Job requirements:
    1. College degree or above in electrical automation or mechatronics;
    2. Serious and responsible work, rigorous and meticulous, with a good spirit of innovation and teamwork; 
    3. Experience in industrial equipment automation system design and PLC touch screen programming;
    4. Possess strong ability to analyze and deal with abnormal problems on the project site, communication ability and customer service awareness, pay attention to teamwork; work responsibility and work passion, and have a strong ability to withstand pressure.
    5. Familiar with mainstream brand PLC programming and debugging;
    6. Have more than 1 year of work experience in the formulation of robots in automation projects and related electrical design work;
    7. Familiar with bus control technology, PROFINET, EtherCAT, Ethernet and other communication protocols.
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  • Mechanical Design Engineer

    Job Responsibilities:
    1. Lead the development and design of non-standard automation projects, including scheme, design, outsourced processing, project implementation and management;
    2. Responsible for completing the mechanical design tasks of non-standard automation projects, including 3D, 2D design, etc.;
    3. Responsible for the technical feasibility analysis of the project;
    4. Responsible for the communication, coordination and management of engineering projects;
    5. Responsible for assembly, debugging guidance, customer on-site after-sales service support, etc.;
    6. Cooperate with electrical engineers to control non-standard projects;
    7. Participate in the design discussion and summary of the company's projects to achieve continuous improvement.
    Job requirements:
    1. Mechanical design and manufacturing, automation or mechatronics and other related majors, college degree or above;
    2. More than 3 years of work experience, relevant experience in the development and design of non-standard automation projects;
    3. Proficient in using design and drawing software, proficient in CAD, solidworks, AUTOCAD and other two-dimensional and three-dimensional drawing design software;
    4. Familiar with the manipulator, familiar with the selection and use of automation components, and have a certain foundation for the selection of hydraulic, pneumatic, servo control and other components;
    5. Able to independently complete the development of non-standard automation projects, and be familiar with the equipment manufacturing industry process;
    6. Good mechanical equipment design ability and creative thinking;
    7. Serious and responsible work, rigorous and meticulous, with good team awareness and communication skills.
    8. Experience in robot system integration application project design is preferred;
    9. Can adapt to short-term business trips.
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