Intelligence for Manufacturing

Our Mission

Roboeye aspires to drastically reduce the cost of manufacturing through massively-deployable industrial automation solutions. We are a team of passionate researchers and engineers in robotics and artificial intelligence. With cutting-edge technologies in computer vision and AI, we are creating a task-adaptive cognition platform for all types of industrial automation tasks.

Intelligent Bin Picking

Our Bin Picking solution is a breeze to use. There is no tedious parameter tunning, or complicated position teaching of robotic arm. Thanks to the task-adaptive cognition technology, our system is able to recognize objects reliably with zero human intervention.

3D Line laser scanner

Coming Soon

Structured light scanner

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Our Team

Weilong Wu

Cofounder & President

Zheng LI

Zheng Li

Founder & CEO

Lei Wang

Lei Wang

Cofounder & CTO

Jianpin Zhou

Jianpin Zhou

Cofounder & COO

Our Advisors


Steven Waslander

University Of Toronto


Animesh Garg

University Of Toronto

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